gay sexual wrestling, naked kombat

Gay Male Wrestling: The fighters for these lucky guests are no strangers to the sport. Patrick Rouge and Tyler Saint have both dealt their fair share of domination on the mat. Patrick has one win and one loss to his credit but has proved himself as not only a formidable opponent but one hell of a bottom as well. Tyler is without a victory so far but only because of a mess of cheap shots dealt to his opponent Nick Moretti in a match otherwise filled with Tyler on top. continue reading »

gay sexual wrestling, naked kombat

TJ has martial arts experience and a polite demeanor. Too bad he’s matched up with brute brawler Dak Ramsey! TJ is looking forward to a good match and is used to the controlled sparring ring of a martial arts studio. Dak is used to bar fights where it’s all about doing whatever it takes before getting caught. continue reading »

gay sexual wrestling, naked kombat

Gay Submission Wrestling: Nice guy Dean Tucker battles the sarcastic and careless James Hamilton. Dean Tucker is a sweetheart – but don’t let that fool you when he steps on to the mat. He is a former college kick boxer. James brings his street-fighting mentality to the Naked Kombat ring, but it only goes to show that you need more than an attitude to stay on top here. Yes – he’s the bad-ass in the Naked Kombat opening titles. continue reading »

Big Cayden Banks is going to fight Shane Erickson who has martial arts skills. Cayden uses his weight advantage and dirty fighting skills against tall, lean, and cut Shane. continue reading »

Naked Kombat: Stud fights against stud. Nobody wants to lose here. They each rip off tights and jocks, grab cock and balls, slap ass, and use submission holds – all for points. The loser must completely submit to the winner in the end, and the fighters do their best not to end up on the bottom. continue reading »

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