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Connor “The Pulverizer” Patricks returns after a back to back win this season and this time, his thirst for victory is stronger than ever. Fighting against The Pulverizer is hot newcomer Axel “The Fury” Flint. The Fury has wrestled around with his buddies in the past and he’s confident he has the skills to give The Pulverizer his first loss. As the match begins these two ferociously go for the attack, racking up as many points as possible. The Pulverizer is relentless with his use of the cradle, squeezing The Fury’s balls with all his might. The Fury doesn’t let up though, he counters right back catching The Pulverizer in a leg scissor before going for his opponents cock. It’s a non-stop balls to the wall fight and no one wants to lose. Will The Fury succumb to the curse of the Naked Kombat newcomers? Or will The Pulverizer tarnish his undefeated record, and know what it feels like to finally be the losing bitch?

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